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We have a range of excellent services that you can read about across our site. Whatever you're looking for, whether it's marine engineering services, general engineering, propellers, engines repairs or clipping and shearing equipment, just follow the links provided.


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We design and manufacture propulsion equipment and stern gear equipment for new vessels or the re-engineering of existing vessels, up to 2000 bhp. Our great expertise in this field ensures that you will get fit for purpose propulsion equipment designed with your vessel in mind.  

Refurbishments and stern tube assemblies

We can reclaim, where possible, your own bushes, seals and shafts and refurbish them for reuse. Where this is not possible, we are able to make new stern tube assemblies, shafts, bushes and seals made-to-measure.

Versatile stern tube assembly designs

Our many different designs of stern tubes assemblies enable you to fit them into the vessel with minimum alignment problems, which saves you in installation time and difficulties. If you're after a bespoke design, call us today.

Consultation and engineering services

We have engineers who can oversee or carry out your propulsion equipment installation where necessary. These services can be provided around the UK and our experts can be relied upon to be there at any time of the day, 24 hours a day. If you'd like to know more, please get in touch.