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Looking for an expert team of engineers to provide round the clock repairs and assistance for your marine vessels? With years of expertise in our team, you'd be foolish not to get in touch!


If you'd like to hear more about the services we offer, or how we can help you, please call us today on 01482 329 185 or otherwise email us directly. We're waiting for you!


We offer a range of ship repair services to help you wherever you are in the country. Our on board ship maintenance is an important part of our work and we can help to repair or refurbish water pumps, winch gear, ship valves and engines. With expertise on our side, you can trust us to deliver!

Specific marine repair and refurbishment services

We carry out a range of marine repair services, including dock bottom work, the removal of steering gear and the removal of propeller shafts for survey or repair. Our experts can handle almost anything you throw at us, so give us a try!

Engine Repairs

Through our association with Lister and Blackstone for over fifty years and Yanmar for twenty years, we've carried out repairs on many types of engines. We can be wherever you are, whenever you are to carry out repairs, as well as on any other makes of diesel engines.

We provide a huge amount of marine engineering services

With over 100 years of knowledge in engineering we can assist you in the repair, maintenance and refurbishment of many different types of engines and marine equipment. Want to know more, click the on the links provided above.