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If you'd like to get specific questions answered about the processes we use, how we reclaim or fit parts, or any other question, just call us on 01482 329 185 or email us directly.


Alternatively, if you want to get relevant information on some of our other services, then check out a few of our pages around the site. We do everything here, from marine engineering to sheering equipment. See the links for more info.


We have a large number of Lister. Petter, Yanmar, Mermaid and Blackstone engine spares in stock, ready and waiting for you buy. Our marine engine spares are quality products and ready to fit. If you'd like to know more about what we've got in stock , please call directly.

Reliable marine engine repairs and diesel engine repairs

We have qualified engineers who can carry out surveys and repairs on your engine. We repair all makes of diesel engines, no matter whether they are land based or sea based. You can guarantee we'll know how to fix it.

Engine installations for land and sea

We carry out a range of engine installations. From crushing plants and dumper trucks to lifeboats or coasters, we can fit and install your engine no matter where in the UK you are based.

Engine refurbishments and reclaimed engine parts

In our workshop we carry out the refurbishment of larger pistons, liners and cylinder heads. We can also carry out non-destructive tests for cracks and leaks. Through our machining  process we can also reclaim marine engine parts and other engine parts.